How to Activated Smart Lock on Samsung Galaxy S6 Easily

Most of people use a security app on their phones to maintain privacy for the owner. As in the Samsung Galaxy S6 you can use Smart Lock applications that have the same functionality on other security application on your device. But the smart lock using different features with other locker applications, they use a fingerprint as a password. If you want to activated Smart Lock on Samsung Galaxy S6 follow these steps below.

But often when we using fingerprint feature we are hard to open them in difficult situation, such as when we are in a driving. You don’t need to worry, because that’s where you can use the smart Lock in a different way that can adjust to your needs. You can set it to disable or enable the feature. Otherwise, you can choose the use of passwords is more flexible than the use of fingerprints for example with a pin or password of another to still maintain the security of your mobile phone.

 activated smart lock on samsung galaxy s6

Steps to Activated Smart Lock on Samsung Galaxy S6

You should know, that the application can also learn smart lock your car stereo via bluetooth which will disable the lockscreen method when the user is in a car or vehicle you often and other things of that nature. How to set up Smart Lock:

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Select Lockscreen & security
  3. Find secure key settings
  4. Tap Smart Lock

In addition as a cell phones security, Smart Lock also serves as a key to the house so you don’t need to use a padlock, to open it you just pressed her fingerprint and the door will open.

Turn Off the Notification LED

In every incoming  call or message that comes in, we can make the notification light lit accord with what we have set. But for some people the flame of the notification can be annoying for them when night and more choose to turn it off.

  1. Go to the settings with setting button-shaped teeth in the notification pull-down bar
  2. Or navigate to the application settings in the application tray
  3. In settings select the column head above labeled “Device”
  4. Tap “Display” and scroll down and uncheck “LED indicator”

In this same area we can also turn off the sound touch, rear and recent apps button LED lights, and of course control the brightness.

Well, those are the steps to activated Smart Lock on Samsung Galaxy S6 have been provided for you. Thus, try it to be yours as well as you can!