Useful Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of Samsung Galaxy S6 tips and tricks that you can find in the smart phone. Knowing them all will make you enjoy the smart phone even better. To enhance the great features in the smart phone, use some Samsung Galaxy S6 tips and tricks below.

galaxy s6 tips

Great Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks

  • Activating Download Booster Feature

Who does not love downloading files in high speed? Well, in Samsung Galaxy S6, you can totally do that. There is a feature called Download Booster in Samsung Galaxy S6. Actually, it is also available in previous Samsung devices but not many people paying attention to it. It is a great mistake though because this feature is actually allowing you to download big files (over 30 MB) in no time at all. Using the combination of Wifi and 4G connection, downloading files can be done really quickly.

If you want to activate this feature you need to go to Settings first. Then, find “More connection settings”. There you will find “Download Booster”. Check the switch and there you have a download booster in your smart phone. Do not forget to make sure that you have access to Wifi and 4G connection otherwise the feature will not work as well as you expect it will.

  • Using Themes in the Smart Phone

It is not everybody who loves plain smart phone just like the first time it comes out of the box. Many people love to customize their smart phones with themes and sometimes with unique font, wallpaper, and icons. In Samsung Galaxy S6, you can totally customize your smart phone. You can change the icons of the smart phones, the wallpapers and also the fonts. Go to setting menu and there is an icon on the top. There you will find the feature. It is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S6 tips and tricks you can use.