Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S6

There are many reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S6. The Samsung Galaxy series from Samsung smart phone is always improving and as if Samsung Galaxy S5 was not enough, now here we have Samsung Galaxy S6 which is the more sophisticated form of Samsung Galaxy S5. If you are wondering why there are any reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 when Samsung Galaxy S5 is already good enough, read the explanation below.

reasons to buy samsung galaxy s6

Some Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Powerful Performance

One of the best reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 is because there is 3GB RAM in Samsung Galaxy S6 and also Octa-core Exynos chipset in it. It will make the smart phone to work faster and better. Beside of that, the smart phone is also supported by Android Lollipop (5.0) OS to make the performance of the smart phone even better. There is no lagging and there is no slow performance with Samsung Galaxy S6.

  • Superb Screen

The screen is using super AMOLED screen and it is protected by Gorilla Glass 4. That is why the 5.1 inch screen in this smart phone is really great and vivid. The large resolution of 1440 x 2560 resolution screen is going to make you enjoying great display as long as you use this smart phone.

  • Wireless and Fast Charging

You do not need to worry about cords or wires when you charge your smart phone because you do not need them at all with Samsung Galaxy S6. This smart phone has its own wireless charging feature that allows you to charge the smart phone without the help of cords and wires. Beside of being wireless, the charging process of the smart phone is also fast.

  • Excellent Camera

The 16 MP camera on the back and 5 MP camera on the front is making this smart phone very great in term of taking pictures and recording video. That is why one of the reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 is that you can take as many selfie as you like with this smart phone.