Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Secret Tips to Try

There is good news for you because you can now do the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery secret tips. The secret means here is to show you that this is a rare thing that many people know. Don’t you know that the Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery offers you many features? If you don’t know about it yet, you can read the information below.

There are two secret tips that you will find below. First, the information will explain the turbocharging that probably is a rare thing for you. Not many people who are S6 users are aware of this function to get the most faster charging.

galaxy s6 battery secret tips

The second information is battery saving mode. If you are the typical person who needs to take care the battery power usage, probably you have heard of this method. Or perhaps you have used this for a long time. But for those who want to set the saving mode, this information will help them. Follow the tips below for an excellent battery usage.

Samsung Galaxy S6 battery Secret Tips: Boost Charging

Don’t you know that Samsung Galaxy S6 has a secret on the charging feature? If you feel that your battery charger is just like usual, then you must be wrong to use the charger that isn’t original.
To have the fastest charging, make sure you use the Galaxy S6 official charger. For those who are usually using the old charger, you must turn it to the S6 charger adaptor. Samsung has designed it to support the chipset of Samsung S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Saving Tips

We are on the second explanation of Samsung Galaxy S6 battery secret tips. Do you usually notice that your S6’s battery is draining fast? If yes, you don’t need to worry. There are some tips that you can follow below.

Samsung Galaxy S6 has designed with the saving mode in two ways. They are the regular saving mode and ultra-saving mode. You can choose one of them. To enable it, just go to your Setting menu and choose the Battery option. Scroll down until you find the option saving Power Mode. Turn it on by tapping the option. For better performances, you can activate the ultra-saving mode.

To support the battery power, you can also try to avoid using the live wallpaper. You will experience the battery’s excellent performance compared to others. With the information of Samsung Galaxy S6 battery secret tips above, you can have better battery energy.