How to Force Restart Samsung Galaxy S6

Obtain your own Galaxy S6 stopped from running or crash and you don’t get sound advice? If you happen to simply can’t make use of your phone and it is display screen is blocked, you need to restart it’s Android system. How do we know to complete the restart if your phone isn’t responding to your standard instructions?  Within that situation you will have to force restart your Galaxy S6.


How to Force Restart Samsung Galaxy S6


The perfect is the fact that finishing the actual force restart on Galaxy S6 only takes a few seconds. Thus, you’ll be back to normal shortly. In addition, the process is safe and also secured as it’s official, you will not lose your Samsung warranty if you decide to use the steps from this guide. Additionally, this isn’t wiping the internal system, so you don’t have to worry about your personal data, info and accounts. Here the simple guide on how to Force Restart Samsung Galaxy S6 for you.

Step by Step How to Force Restart Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Press and hold together the Volume Down and Power/Lock buttons
  • You should keep these buttons pressed for about 10 or 20 seconds
  • Your phone will be turned off
  • You can now safely restart your Galaxy S6