How to Using Easy Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

For those who have bad vision on Galaxy S6, Samsung offers you a great solution. There is a solution offered by Samsung personally named Easy Mode. This will help much for those who have a problem with the big screen and want something that makes them easier whenever they want to access the apps.

Why is this important? For those who don’t fit with the small icon of the apps that caused by the big screen should be able to access the icon that the size is fit for them. This is important for them so they can easily access the phone that probably supports their work or their life. Anything could happen, and bigger size of the icon apps also will help them to minimize the effort in seeing them.

easy mode on samsung galaxy s6

How to activate easy mode on Samsung Galaxy S6?

It is very simple to activate it. You just need to go to the Settings menu and choose the Display. After that, scroll down the menu lists until you find the Easy mode menu. This will change your Galaxy S6 looks.

Turn it on, and you can manage the apps that important to you to be displayed on the main screen. Once you turn it on, you will see that the icons are getting bigger and larger. You can also manage the apps that you think the priority and should have easy access. When you are managing the apps, switch the toggle on in every app that you think important and needs a quick access.

It simplifies anything that is important to you. This is suitable for the parents and grandparents that have lower vision compared to those who are young. You can even make the intimate contact as the icon that you can easily access. When you are working on this, please make sure to only put the important apps for you.

For those who want to feel the easier experience of using Galaxy S6, this mode will help you much.

So now, are you currently planning to apply this mode on your phone? If yes, filter the apps that are important and priority for you. You should also remember that putting the important thing in this mode will be easy to access.

Remember, you can always set it back at any time at anywhere. So, whenever you need this screen for Galaxy S6, you can just make it.