How to Manage RAM on Samsung Galaxy S6

There have been a considerable amount of gossip regarding the Galaxy S6 getting difficulty in remembering things management. Many people are annoyed to locate applications refreshing the moment they return to them, or perhaps applications terminating automatically, don’t mind the occasional device apparently having free RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 have a 3GB of RAM, and you can now get a picture of what’s in use by simply opening Smart Manager and also touching on the RAM. The main cause of the issue is unclear, but you can continue to consider using a very few issues:

Manage RAM on Galaxy S6

Guide to Manage RAM on Galaxy S6

  • It’s a good suggestion with regard to general performance and also battery life for you to eliminate or uninstall whatever application you aren’t using often.
  • Facebook and also Facebook Messenger are usually identified memory hogs. If you’re able to do without them, it will eventually likely come up with a real difference.
  • Make use of an additional launcher. TouchWiz is preferable to it was once, but it can nevertheless be very demanding. The Google Now Launcher or maybe the Nova Launcher can help you.

Other methods

This particular might be some kind of bug in the software. Samsung is going to roll out updates in order to alleviate issues such as this, whether it can easily, so stay attuned to Settings > About device > Software update > Update now.